The Only Regret You Could Possibly Have The Magic of Thinking BIG

The Only Regret You Could Possibly Have The Magic of Thinking BIG

Wow!  I was just listening to the main song from the movie “Us”, which I have not yet seen, on a Friday afternoon, wanting to get this message out before I have to go pick up the kids at 3:30 from camp.  

And that sound got me going, put me into a nice writing state.  

I will be 5 minutes late of course, but I know one of the main counselors, aka Suzy Homemaker.  

So, I have roughly 8 minutes to write this…

Ok, so my thoughts for today, that I actually thought of yesterday while doing my backwards morning walking are this and which continued through a brutal, brutal, but in a good way, workout this morning followed by an awesome company meeting and then a session the Harmonic Egg are this…

Why do we not think bigger?

What is the harm in thinking bigger?

I recall a book I got long ago, ‘The Magic of Thinking BIG’.  Just that alone, the title, gives me goosebumps.  

The only regret we could possibly have in life, when it comes to the end of it, will be somehow anchored to this thought, ‘Man, I should have thought BIGGER’.  

That doesn’t mean just the external world stuff, in fact, that is very secondary to me.  But if that lights you up, then it’s good!

There is no good or bad in this line of thought.  

For me, it’s about the potential impact we, Newell Strength, can have on the world, not just in a hyper local community.  

I am not going to settle for that.  It’s a great thing, what we have done in transforming lives, but there is more, much more.  

And I made the decision this year that I wasn’t going to have the thought in my head that I Should have thought BIGGER.  

Bigger means being a better husband.

Bigger means being a better father. 

Bigger means having deeper relationships with others and above all, the SELF.  

Bigger means really trying to discover the SELFs connection with GOD.  

Bigger means seeing what the heck is possible with the beautiful Temple, that we call the body.  

Bigger means being so curious that you can’t help but BE a student, a voracious consumer of knowledge.  

Bigger means knowing your philosophy of life and how to live that out on a daily basis.  

Bigger means having principles so strong that you would be willing to die for them, because then, you are FREE.  

Bigger means your great grand kids are still talking about you and your ways, long after you are gone.  

Bigger means having a marriage that is legendary.  

So, WHY would YOU not think BIGGER?

BE Unconventional - Kyle Newell

PS-I am going to be 10 minutes late :)

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