What Are You Great At? Time for some Meta-Cognition..

Earlier this week, I had my CEO mastermind meeting with a great group of people and fellow entrepreneurs.  

We have a fun time, but we get some serious thinking and planning done, which can be very draining.  

And this particular time, I really got to thinking for the rest of the week about how much more I can improve.  

Yes, I was thinking about the GAP from where I am to where I can be.  

And I’d be lying if I told you that it didn’t get me in a funk for a little bit.  

It happens to me often, thus, I study meta-cognition a lot.  

What’s that, you ask?

Meta-cognition is thinking about what you’re thinking about.  Examining your thoughts from a third person point of view.  

I do this often.  

I am always able to turn it around, through prayer, self-talk, flooding my mind with positive reading, journaling, realizing by listing all the things I have to be grateful for and physical movement.

Ok, so, here’s the point of this.  

I get worn down when I do the things I shouldn’t be doing.  

The key to know the things you shouldn’t be doing that much is knowing what you are great at.  

For example, I am fully realizing what my true greatness is; speaking, teaching, writing.  That’s it, that’s my best thing.

At this point, that is where I should be focusing my top efforts.  

When I do, such as writing this article, I get a buzz.  I don’t get burnt out. 

I can keep going and going and believe me, there are quite a few books I have lined up to write and then speak about, but it’s sitting down to do the work that’s the hard part.  

Look for the best WHO for what you need help with.  If you keep asking yourself HOW, then you are thinking about your time wrong, as I can attest first hand.  

What are you world class at and ask yourself, ‘Why aren’t you doing more of that?’

Then get to work from that point forward. 

Meta-cognition from the Mental-Verse (meta cognition will be one of the courses in my upcoming Masters of the Mental Verse Mind Map curriculum).

Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell

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