You Can Want All YOU Want

You Can Want All YOU Want

The past few months, Emma has been using a lot of ‘I want’ language.  If you are new to my writings, Emma is our 3 year old daughter. I've been referring to her as the Little Warrior since she was born.  

It makes perfect sense, she is a toddler.  

The phrase ‘I Want’ comes from the infantile ego, which is a part of us all.  

When I teach people about my passion for ‘Mind Mapping’, I often talk about our inner dialogue.  

Everything begins and ends with your inner dialogue.  

There are a few critical points that I thought might be of use to you, based on what the Little Warrior keeps saying (I want, I want…).  

First, the process of creation is 3-pronged: thoughts, words and then action.  

The reason ‘I want’ is an infantile way to think is because an infant thinks it and then says it.  There is no conscious, logical thought that maybe there is a better way to form that into actionable words.  

Think about any goal you have for a moment.  

Now, maybe that goal has eluded you for some time.  

If it has been elusive, I can guarantee you that your thoughts and possibly words have been peppered with the ‘I want’ phrase.  

Yet, if you stop to look at it, you are getting exactly what you are thinking about and saying.  

You ‘want’.  

Want implies lack.  

God and the Universe will continue to supply you with that experience of wanting.  

This is the way 95% of people think.  

The second big thing I believe can be of help should you choose to use it, is the concept of meta-thinking.  

You need to be a student of your thoughts.  

Meta-thinking is literally taking a step back and observing your thoughts.  

In other words, thinking about your thinking.  

Your words will lead you to your actions.  

Life progress is all about self-awareness.  

You are in charge of your inner dialogue.  Don’t let it just be whatever pops into your head.  

If you are a serious student of life and about aiming to reach your upper limits of potential, then you will start becoming a master of your inner dialogue.  

Replace any thoughts and visualizations of ‘I want’ with phrases such as I am and I will.  

Lastly, emotions and logic don’t mix.  

If you let your emotions drive your thoughts, you’ll rarely be in your ‘executive’ region of your brain, which means you are failing at being the CEO of your life.  

Emotions are feedback, use them to your advantage and use your thoughts to drive your emotions more often.  

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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